Thanks :)!!

Hi … (It’s me the Valentine Aardvark here) -I am getting so excited for Valentine’s Day!! Have you made your pouch yet? No? That’s ok you still have some time to get one ready.  You can visit for some ideas on how to make your pouch…

I’ve been busy (as usual) hunting for ants and termites! 
Would you like to know my favorite way to eat them? I like to use my long, sticky tongue and dip them in dirt flavored syrup and then slurp them down – YUMMY!  :)

Thanks to all the families out there that believe in me and make it possible for me to be part of Valentine’s Day!  If your family gets excited about The Valentine Aardvark – Please send me some photos and leave a comment for me to read.  (I’ll write you back!!)

Happy Aardvarking – :)

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