A note from the Valentine Aardvark …

Hi! I’ve been out of the blogging ‘loop’ for a while and I thought you might like to know what I’ve been up to …

 First … I’ve been really busy hunting for ants.  All the energy I get from those tasty, little critters allows me to sneak out and into your homes to fill your pouches with goodies! 

Aardvark Facts – Aardvarks eat termites, ants , and one kind of fruit,called an aardvark cucumber. The aardvark cucumber is also called an aardvark pumpkin. Aardvarks find a termite or ant nest by walking along, swinging its head from side to side. When it smells a concentration of ants or termites, it follows the scent to where the colony is, and then begins to dig into the nest with its powerful claws. After that, it licks up the insects with its tough tongue. They can eat up to 50,00 termites and/or ants in one night.

 Wow huh?
More later – I just realized I need lunch and I think I smell an ant farm not too far from here!

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