The Oviatt’s Aardvark Adventure!

Dear Valentine Aardvark – We just wanted to thank you for visiting our home.  Brennan loved his watch and candy.  Talia and Callan thought their sunglasses and candy were great!  I grew up hearing about the Valentine Aardvark from Marissa Mitchell.  I remeber asking her where it had started and her telling me ‘Texas.’  I assumed it was a Texan tradition.  Two years ago I was looking for a Valentine tradition so I Googled Valentine Aardavark (thinking some Texan might have written about it online!)  I didn’t find anything…go figure.  So I just gave my kids a treat on their plate on Valentines day morning for the last two years!  This year I told my kids about how my friend used to have the Valentine Aardvark come to her house when she made a pouch and I suggested we give it a try and see if he came!  My oldest was thrilled to make a pouch, he loves art, and he made a ‘Bat Hound ‘pouch (a dog in a batman outfit).  When I questioned him about his choice of decorations and he explained that aardvarks and dogs are friends!?????  See attached picture.  I am attaching pictures of my kids with the sunglasses they got from the you!  Tell the Mitchells thanks for sharing their tradition.

Thanks, Geneil Merkley Oviatt

P.S. We had some Cocoa-Cocoa pebbles (from a different project) and we thought they made great ‘ants’!


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