Valentine’s EVE 2009…!!

Tonight is my favorite night of the entire year!! Can you guess why? I hope you have your pouches made …

If you have not made a pouch – there is still time!  Find out how – 

PS: I’ve got my mask, boots and love belt on! I’m ready for some Valentine FUN! …

Bye for now,

 Don’t forget to leave me an ant or two – they are my favorite!  (….. ant tracks)

Thanks :)!!

Hi … (It’s me the Valentine Aardvark here) -I am getting so excited for Valentine’s Day!! Have you made your pouch yet? No? That’s ok you still have some time to get one ready.  You can visit for some ideas on how to make your pouch…

I’ve been busy (as usual) hunting for ants and termites! 
Would you like to know my favorite way to eat them? I like to use my long, sticky tongue and dip them in dirt flavored syrup and then slurp them down – YUMMY!  :)

Thanks to all the families out there that believe in me and make it possible for me to be part of Valentine’s Day!  If your family gets excited about The Valentine Aardvark – Please send me some photos and leave a comment for me to read.  (I’ll write you back!!)

Happy Aardvarking – :)

8 more days …

“All we need is Love and chocolate covered ants…”
~ The Valentine Aardvark

PS: You can get more chocolate on Valentine’s Day if you make a pouch and leave it out for me to fill …
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Because they will want to know how to be part of the FUN too! 

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A note from the Valentine Aardvark …

Hi! I’ve been out of the blogging ‘loop’ for a while and I thought you might like to know what I’ve been up to …

 First … I’ve been really busy hunting for ants.  All the energy I get from those tasty, little critters allows me to sneak out and into your homes to fill your pouches with goodies! 

Aardvark Facts – Aardvarks eat termites, ants , and one kind of fruit,called an aardvark cucumber. The aardvark cucumber is also called an aardvark pumpkin. Aardvarks find a termite or ant nest by walking along, swinging its head from side to side. When it smells a concentration of ants or termites, it follows the scent to where the colony is, and then begins to dig into the nest with its powerful claws. After that, it licks up the insects with its tough tongue. They can eat up to 50,00 termites and/or ants in one night.

 Wow huh?
More later – I just realized I need lunch and I think I smell an ant farm not too far from here!

The Oviatt’s Aardvark Adventure!

Dear Valentine Aardvark – We just wanted to thank you for visiting our home.  Brennan loved his watch and candy.  Talia and Callan thought their sunglasses and candy were great!  I grew up hearing about the Valentine Aardvark from Marissa Mitchell.  I remeber asking her where it had started and her telling me ‘Texas.’  I assumed it was a Texan tradition.  Two years ago I was looking for a Valentine tradition so I Googled Valentine Aardavark (thinking some Texan might have written about it online!)  I didn’t find anything…go figure.  So I just gave my kids a treat on their plate on Valentines day morning for the last two years!  This year I told my kids about how my friend used to have the Valentine Aardvark come to her house when she made a pouch and I suggested we give it a try and see if he came!  My oldest was thrilled to make a pouch, he loves art, and he made a ‘Bat Hound ‘pouch (a dog in a batman outfit).  When I questioned him about his choice of decorations and he explained that aardvarks and dogs are friends!?????  See attached picture.  I am attaching pictures of my kids with the sunglasses they got from the you!  Tell the Mitchells thanks for sharing their tradition.

Thanks, Geneil Merkley Oviatt

P.S. We had some Cocoa-Cocoa pebbles (from a different project) and we thought they made great ‘ants’!


The Christensen’s anticipate the Valentine Aardvark’s arrival

Quote from the kids on Valentine’s morning – “Thanks Ardy for the cool stuff!  We love you!” 

Stephen Hernandez gets ready for the Valentine Aardvark

Here’s a picture of Stephen making his first aardvark pouch!  Stephen wore his Aardvark t-shirt Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday, to school.  He didn’t have time to make chocolate covered ants by hand, so he put out some raisinets. Steve also had some suckers that he left for Aardy as well. stephen.jpg

The Romans in their cool Valentine Aardvark shirts


The Blakes make their Valentine Aardvark pouches

blakes-_4.jpgblakes-_3.jpgblakes-_2.jpg blakes-_1.jpg

In the news again!

Read all about the ‘Legend’ in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.