The Valentine Aardvark™
by Jennie Stanfield

Dad travels to his office
just right up the street,
and spends 8 hours working
exactly 5 days each week.

Life is full of schedules,
appointments and such
and I can’t help but wonder
if he likes his job much.

My Grandpa Aardy
had the same occupation
and it seems to me
so did most our relations.

I presume dad would have me
pursue this same trade
but I have some plans
of my own, I’m afraid.

I’ve always wanted
to do something quite grand
like fly to the moon
or play in a band…

I asked dad one day
if he has similar desires
to do something grand
before he retires.

“You know my boy,”
he said with a gleam,
“Most things are not
quite as they seem.”

And that’s when he took me
to an old warn out trunk--
first he opened it up,
and then threw out some junk.

Why in the world (I thought)
would he keep so much waste?
But next he took out something
kept precisely in place.

A mask, some gloves,
a pair of socks and a belt--
I cannot begin to explain
what I felt.

My mouth hung open,
he was a complete surprise…
as The Valentine Aardvark™
stood before my eyes.

Beneath all that clutter
my father could conceal,
that to my astonishment

For years he had brought
treats to both young and old
on a day called Valentine’s
as the story is told.

As Dad began to cover
our secret with care
he told me that Grandpa
had once taken him there.

And in an instant I knew
I would do something grand,
but not fly to the moon
or play in a band.

After all, Dad’s life is full
of appointments and such
and to most his life
may not seem like too much.

But once each year
he helps others to smile,
and what on earth
could be more worth while?

Happy Aardvarking!